Let's not Phub

Phubbing is the act of ignoring someone in a social setting by looking at your phone instead of paying attention.

We are a generation of phubbers!

Whether you care to admit it or not, if you're a regular smart phone user then there's a pretty strong chance that you'll have phubbed someone at some point in your life, and there’s an even greater chance that you've been on the receiving end of phubbing.

Why is it bad?
We all find phubbing to be irritating and bothersome, but the problem is deeper than it seems! 

Here is why you should stop phubbing today

• We can lose our connection with real, meaningful relationships
• It can lead to sleep deprivation, disappointment & depression
• We are getting obsessed with and addicted to checking our phones
• It takes us away from each other hence affecting the social fabric
• Personal communication is getting eradicated

How do we stop ourselves from phubbing?
The answer is literally on our thumbs.

What is a Phumb?
The phumb is a smart looking piece of clothing that covers your thumb. It is designed to stop you from phubbing and also to remind you to not phub


The Phumb is an invention that can save the world!

Here is how
•  You cannot use your smart phone with a phumb on
•  The phumb reminds you not to phub
•  The phumbs are pretty fashionable to wear